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If you have a pension and are offered a lump sum you have an important decision to make: Keep my pension or take the lump sum payout?

If you are an individual trying to decide between taking a lump-sum or keeping your pension (perhaps via an annuity) click on the gentleman with a smile...

...If you are a consultant, plan sponsor, or group looking to improve the lump sum election process for participants click on the lady with the smile.

Lump-sum activity from defined benefit pension plans entails a process that often leaves something to be desired.

The current method usually involves the participant deciding from a few amounts in an election letter, often with a 30-day time limit. 

The lump-sum is usually very enticing as it provides flexibility and a pool of investable assets.  However, many people quickly spend some or even all of the money, leaving less than needed for a long retirement. Many active and terminated participants take the lump-sum, with a minimum of analysis.   Those with larger amounts at stake will often call a financial adviser who may, or may not, be unbiased in their advice, or interested in the case.

Participants need (and merit) an improved course of action.

CREWS provides a proprietary web-based interview, planning and reporting system that allows users to see the impact of their decision over the course of their retirement years, using their personal financial specifics. We also provide a suite of services to educate and provide a "human touch" to the process.


In the end, participants and plan sponsors gain from a better communication and opinion of the lump sum offer, while reducing potential downsides.

Our mission is to support wise decision-making.


CREWS is an impartial 3rd party - it has no financial interest in the participant's election.  CREWS is paid solely from the fees paid for the use of its systems and online assistance provided by its materials and is not paid more or less depending upon the choices users of our systems and services make.

We aim to be highly transparent in doing so, which is why we have portions of our site that pertain to plan sponsors, plan participants, and third party intermediaries, and why we open all parts of the site to everyone.  We believe that when decisions are being made, it is helpful when all parties know who stands to benefit, and who is taking on what risks.


Supporting wise choices for plan sponsors means providing them the opportunity to work with experts who can identify and explain all the options and then help implement them.  Supporting plan participants means providing educational materials that explain the nature and consequences of the choices being presented, and advisory software that can crunch the numbers that apply to each person’s situation.


For us, it’s not enough to get things to happen.  We want to make sure that they happen in the best possible way.

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